Rock Ridge Run


Rock Ridge Run


We are prepping our Rock Ridge Run for this September by looking for corporate sponsors to help offset the cost of the Run itself.  As you know this is our largest fundraiser of the year and the PTO hosts this event on their own.  By not using an outside company we are able to keep 90% of the monies raised by our awesome students.

This year we are hoping to partner with businesses in our local community and in our Rock Ridge parent community.  Many companies already have programs in place to give to nonprofit organizations. There are just so many we need everyone's help to get the word out.

This week will be "Ask Your Boss" Week.  We are asking that everyone reach out to their workplace to see if they would like the opportunity to partner with us to help us raise money for our kids and our school. This applies for home based businesses as well!!

Please use the request letter that gives all the details as to what we are requesting, our nonprofit status, and the levels of sponsorship.
Thank you so much for supporting our school!!

Rock Ridge Run Sponsor Letter